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Dead by Daylight

Fans of small studio computer games will love Dead by Daylight because it’s in this wonderful place between Indie and AAA where you get a full, high quality game at indie prices. This game looks just as good as an expensive game and doesn’t save the game, like an exciting 4v1 multiple game. One player is the killer and the other is the potential victims of this survival horror that includes both collaboration and PvP.

Who will survive the night? (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);});
As the name suggests, Dead by Daylight is about to survive a night in the style of a classic horror movie. It comes with a scary killer, serious violence and a lot of blood, so it’s not one for the bad of the heart. What really makes it shine is that the game always supports this dynamic, with constant tension and growing fear. The simple purpose of escaping without being caught is fraught with problems and moments of real shock. To make matters worse, the survivors don’t really have to work together. Some can do it alone, which improves or reduces their chances. You can also play as the killer to discover a very different kind of game, tracing your prey in the dark. Of course, this does not mean that things are easy, because the killer is not as quick or adaptable as the survivors and is locked in a first-person view.

Horror that looks real
Dead by Daylight supports the central theme in various ways. A smart approach is a customizable environment generated by procedures, meaning no two games are the same. It helps to keep the feeling of surprise and helplessness, because you do not know what is happening around the corner. This game also features high quality graphics and moody images that you would expect in a big budget console game. The constant presence of shade and mist makes the forest oppressive and really creates the atmosphere. To this have been added well-made sound and sound effects that seem to come directly from a horror movie. In fact, the developers have been trying to appeal to fans of various horror sub-genres. For example, you are not stuck with a psychopathic killer using a machete, because you can also play with a supernatural killer with paranormal powers. Each killer has his own playing style and an unlockable skill performance, with the same choice for survivors, to allow for some adjustment. On the other hand, you see all the usual abominations that are slightly tiring and the engine has rough edges.

Horror fans will love this symbol
Dead by Daylight is definitely aimed at real horror fans who don’t care about the usual clichés or the fact that the game is very limited. That said, it has the recurrence value. The killer or survivor option offers a longer lifetime, the longer the procedure-generated playing field allows things to continue for longer. Given the low price of small studios and the way it plays on suspense and anxiety, it’s worth bringing four friends together.

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